What does it do?

Create a 'kitchen' in WhoMadeCoffee and invite all users that share a common physical kitchen space. WhoMadeCoffee allows users in a 'kitchen' to log activities and earn points. 'Kitchens' can have customized actions with assigned points. Monthly contest statuses are displayed in the contest view and recent kitchen activities are displayed in an activities log. The person with the most points at the end of each month is the winner of that contest. A community mode is also available that can be used in a common space for users to log their activities and view contest status.

How much does it cost?

WhoMadeCoffee is free. Future features may have additional costs but current features available now will always be free to use.

How many users can particpate in a 'kitchen'?

We made this app in mind to provide a fun competitive environment among people in smaller groups. If your kitchen has more than 100 users, this may not be the app for you. However feel free to give it a try and give us your feedback.

Please send any questions or feedback to [email protected].