Slack and WhoMadeCoffee together make a pretty sweet latte.


Use the button below to install the WhoMadeCoffee App for your slack team.

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You have successfully installed the WhoMadeCoffee App for your Slack Team! Read below to fine out how to use the /wmc slash command to interact with WhoMadeCoffee from slack.

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There was a problem getting Slack and WhoMadeCoffee synced up. Please try again, or contact support for assistance.

After you have created a WhoMadeCoffee account and installed the WhoMadeCoffee App into your Slack team you can use the /wmc slash command to integrate the two applications. If you execute

/wmc connect
in Slack, a link will be provided where you can sign into WhoMadeCoffee. Then click the Sign in with Slack button to connect your accounts. After the accounts are connected you will be able to find out information about the current state of WhoMadeCoffee from slack as well as report activities you have completed.

Using the WhoMadeCoffee Slack App

The following slash command are available in Slack using the /wmc command:
  • help - Display the slash command options.
  • connect - Get a url for linking your slack account to WhoMadeCoffee.
  • contest - Display the current contest status.
  • activity - Show the most recent activity.
  • activities - Show the list of available activities.
  • report [activity Number] - Report a WhoMadeCoffee task.

Example Usage

Display the available list of activities
/wmc activities
Report an activity
/wmc report 4
Display the current contest standings
/wmc contest
Display the most recent activity
/wmc activity